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The Following Polling Places Will Be Open For In-Person Voting on July 7:


Bayonne Museum, 229 Broadway 

Community Room, 24 East 21st Street 

Fire Museum, 10 West 47th Street 



Belleville HS, 100 Passaic Ave.

Municipal Building, 152 Washington Ave.

Senior Center, 125 Franklin Ave.

Friendly House, 21-23 Frederick St.

East Newark 

Senior Center, 37 President Street 



P.S. #1, 250 Broadway 

P.S. #4, 5 Broad Street

Erxleben Rec. Center, 513 Richmond Street

Elmora Racquet Club, 23 Fernwood Terrace

P.S. #12, 638 Magie Avenue

P.S. #14, 50 Grove Street

P.S. #18, 860 Cross Avenue

Kennedy Arms, 76 Westfield Avenue

O’Donnell-Dempsey Sr. Center, 618 Salem Avenue

P.S. #30, 730 Pennsylvania Avenue

Sampson Sr. Center 800 Anna Street

P.S. #6, 1072 Julia Street

Farley Towers, 33 Cherry Street

Peterstown Community Center, 408 Palmer Street

Ford Leonard Towers, 77 Division Street


Senior Center, 53 Garfield Street


Galaxy Mall, 7000 Boulevard East 

Community Center, 301 69th Street



Senior Center, 221 Harrison Avenue 

Harrison High School, 401 Kingsland Avenue 


City Hall, 94 Washington Street 

Marine View, 2 Marine View Plaza 

Fox Hills Gardens, 311 13th Street 

High School, 800 Clinton Street 

Multi-Service Center, 124 Garden Street 

Wallace School, 1100 Willow Avenue 

Demarest School, 401 Garden Street 

Jersey City 

Community Room, 3 New Heckman Drive 

P.S. #23, 143 Romaine Avenue 

P.S. #6, 100 St. Paul’s Avenue 

P.S. #7, 222 Laidlaw Avenue 

P.S. #8, 96 Franklin Street 

P.S. #5, 182 Merseles Street 

P.S. #28, 139 Hancock Avenue 

P.S. #25, 3385 Kennedy Boulevard 

P.S. #27, 201 North Street 

P.S. #16, 96 Sussex Street 

P.S. #4, 107 Bright Street 

McNair High School, 123 Coles Street 

P.S. #37, 158 Erie Street 

P.S. #3, 111 Bright Street 

P.S. #41, 59 Wilkinson Avenue 



Firehouse, 109 Kearny Avenue 

Kearny High School, 51 Garfield Avenue 



Hernandez School, 345 Broadway

Fire House, Eng. #13, 714-718 Mt Prospect Ave.

First Ave. School, 214 1st Ave.

Spain Youth Center, 107 -109 Davenport Ave.

Wilson Ave. School, 19 Wilson Ave.

Hawkins St. School, 8 Hawkins St.

East Side High School, 238 Van Buren St.

New South Street School, 44 Herman St.

Fire House, Eng. #14, 69 Vesey St.

Fire House, Eng. Co. #5, 65 Congress St.

William H. Horton School, 291 N. 7th St.

Dr. E. Alma Flagg School, 150 Third St.

Essex Plaza, 31 Clinton St

North Bergen 

Fulton School, 7407 Hudson Avenue 

NBHS, 7417 Kennedy Boulevard 

Rec Center, 6300 Meadowview Avenue 

Nutrition Center, 1441 45th Street 

Kennedy School, 1210 11th Street 

Union City 

Blue Flame Pizzeria, 601 New York Avenue 

Recreation Center, 507 West Street 

Powell School, 1500 New York Avenue 

Marti School, 1800 Summit Avenue 

LDS Church, 2501 New York Avenue 

Waters School, 2800 Summit Avenue 

Parking Garage, 516 35th Street 

Washington School, 3905 New York Avenue 

Roosevelt School, 4507 Hudson Avenue 

Islamic Center, 4613 Cottage Place 



Webster School, 2700 Palisade Avenue 

Senior Center, 201 Highwood Avenue 

Elks Lodge, 2 50th Street 


West New York 

P.S. #2, 52nd & Broadway 

WNY Middle School, 201 57th Street 

Senior Building, 5800 Jefferson Street 

P.S. #4, 6300 Palisade Avenue 

 In-person voting will be available on July 7 from 6am to 8pm at a limited number of polling places that are listed above. Voters will be able to go to any polling place located in their municipality. All in-person voting will be done by paper provisional ballot only, except for disabled voters who will use an accessible voting machine. Social distancing measures must be followed inside polling places and masks must be worn. 

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