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Congressman Albio Sires always fights for our Democratic values.

Vote by Mail now to

re-elect our Congressman!



1. All Registered Democrats will soon receive a mail-in ballot that must be mailed back by July 7. Mail your ballot back to make sure your voice is heard and your vote is counted. 

2. Once your ballot comes in the mail, vote for Biden for President, Booker for U.S. Senate, Sires for Congress and your local Democratic candidates - make sure to fill in the circles completely.


3. Put your completed ballot in the small envelope. You must print your name and address and sign on the designated area on the envelope and follow all other instructions. 

4. Put the smaller envelope inside the larger paid envelope, seal it and mail it back. No postage necessary!

Vote By Mail


  • Albio Sires knows what residents of Hudson, Essex, Union and Bergen counties need from Washington and he fights for us every single day. A former mayor of West New York, State Assembly Speaker and immigrant from Cuba, he understands the struggles working families face and always stands up for our communities. 

  • Committed to expanding access to affordable healthcare, Congressman Sires has always defended the Affordable Care Act against Republican attempts to dismantle the law. Now he’s working to expand coverage by adding a true public option, expanding Medicaid eligibility and lowering the cost of prescription drugs. 

  • Albio knows that climate change is real and we must take action now to address this looming crisis. He sponsored legislation to make President Trump meet the goals of the Paris Climate Accord, reduce carbon emissions and stop oil drilling in protected federal lands.

  • As an immigrant himself, Albio knows that we must have comprehensive immigration reform that treats people fairly and stops the horrific abuses the Trump administration has inflicted on migrants. He’s a sponsor of the DREAM Act bill to pave a path to citizenship to millions of children and young adults who know no other home but America. 

  • As a member of the Congressional Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, Albio has been a champion for gun safety legislation to make our streets safer and prevent mass shootings. He supports universal background checks, reinstituting the assault weapons ban, gun buyback programs and many other gun safety measures.

The deadline to register for the Primary is June 16.

Are you registered to vote?

Why Sires?

  Congressman Sires Is Proudly Supported By:  

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Governor Phil Murphy

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Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver

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Sen. Bob Menendez

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Sen. Cory Booker

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Amalgamated Transit Union International.
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